ERP integrations enable your business to boost operational efficiency, lower costs and improve customer support by connecting critical systems through the cloud. Traffic Radius offers a quick and easy process that will ready connect your front-end operations with internal back-office processes.

Integrating Magento with eBay, MYOB EXO or a custom API enables seamless automation of your business processes including creating, updating, querying and retrieving of records.

Magento MYOB Integration

Traffic Radius combines your Magento ecommerce store with the back office support of MYOB EXO ERP. Instead of wasting time on syncing your data between your Magento ecommerce store and MYOB EXO, you can get back to focusing on running your business.

We can integrate your Magento Community or Magento Enterprise ecommerce website with MYOB EXO accounting system. Our experienced developers can customise your integration features to meet your specific needs. Our key integration features include:

  • Customer and contact syncing from MYOB EXO to Magento
  • Real time pricing
  • Automatic importing of orders from Magento
  • Be up and running in just minutes after the integration is complete
  • Additional customisation options are available

The frequency of updates can also be customised to meet your needs.

Magento eBay Integration

With an eBay integration you can synchronise Magento data with eBay. Thanks to the acquisition of Magento by eBay, this integration is a must-have customisation for effectively managing your online sales.

Traffic Radius can design a custom solution for your business that will allow you to:

  • Assign Magento categories to eBay categories automatically
  • Export data including products and product fields to eBay
  • Synchronise product prices, quantities and inventory status
  • eBay transaction and order import

Integrating Magento with eBay allows you to manage your online store with efficiency.

Custom Database Integration

Traffic Radius also offers custom database integration services and we can perform an API integration with any application of your choice. Our developers build secure integrations that require authentication to guarantee the safe transmission of data.

One of the major challenges with custom API integrations is ensuring performance. Our engineers have developed multithreading and call back modules that can permit fast data exchange. We review your project and provide a full analysis of the technical aspects that are required to meet the objectives of your project in terms of cost and client expectations.

Traffic Radius can integrate your ecommerce website with Back Office ERP. Contact us today on 1300 852 340 for your free quote.

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