Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a technique of advertising a company’s website over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. The main aim of this marketing strategy is to drive traffic from these social media sites to your company’s website. Another advantage of this is that if your product and services are of high standard, it will get people to talk on these sites and share their experiences with other users. Hence, you can exponentially grow your potential customer base using social media.

Do I really need Social Media Marketing for my business?

Today, almost every second human being on planet has some sort of social media account. Billions of users worldwide use these websites to interact with each other. There is no doubt that there is a huge potential customer base available from these sites.

Following is the statistic of number of user accounts that each social media site had in 2013 (Data Courtesy of: Digital Buzz Blog):

  • Facebook – 1.15 Billion+ Users
  • Twitter – 500 Million+ Users
  • Google + – 500 Million+ Users
  • Linked In – 238 Million+ Users
  • Instagram – 130 Million+ Users
  • Pinterest – 70 Million+ Users


Above statistics are mindboggling and just goes to show the number of people you can interact with to grow your business.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Traditional marketing techniques (like newspaper or brochures) can miss several potential customers, especially amongst the younger generation who is more tech savvy. Using social media websites, your chances of getting potential new leads is unlimited.
  • Social media sites can help to build your product / service brand. You can use social media to interact with people who are interested in your products / services and get them to share information with their other contacts. Just like a chain reaction, a single marketing campaign directed skillfully on social media sites can drive a lot of attention from multiple sources.
  • Social media marketing can help to build a strong reputation for your company and long-term healthy relationship with your customers.
  • Time between developing a new product / service and marketing it can be greatly reduced using social media sites. You can also perform customer surveys for your upcoming product / service to assess its future success.
  • Social media sites can help you to understand flaws in your products or services and make improvements accordingly. By encouraging open communication on the social media sites, you can learn to better your products or services.
  • Social media marketing is a more cost-effective marketing solution compared to other advertising techniques.


Which Social Media sites Traffic Radius Covers?

We provide social media optimization services for almost all major social media sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pintrest, Linked In

High Quality SMM Reporting

Some internet technology experts believe it’s not worth investing in Social Media Marketing since its advantages are intangible and progress cannot be measured. At Traffic Radius, we can confidently deny this thinking. We use highly sophisticated social media reporting tools that will give you accurate information on how your business is progressing on social media sites.

Our accurate reporting will give you information on following:

  • Total number of visits to your social media page.
  • Total number of people who visited your website via social media page and ended up purchasing (in case of eCommerce website).
  • Percentage distribution of traffic for individual social media sites. This will help us to know which social media site bring maximum traffic so we can concentrate more on marketing on that site.
  • Total number of visits to your social media page according to gender.
  • Membership comparison between various social media sites.
  • Measuring if set goals and objectives are met.
  • List of keywords people use to reach your social media page.


Traffic Radius SMM experts can create a single point of contact for all your social media sites so that it becomes easier for you to manage your online contacts. We can also create special marketing campaigns and track progress of these campaigns via our reports. These reports can be provided on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on project scope and requirements.

To get information on pricing for our Social Media Marketing packages, please contact us.

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